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It is the mission of the red blood cell laboratory to provide a cost effective resource.
The costs for our services may differ from study to study, as it is determined by the number of samples, the timelines, and the extend of other services that we provide.
Please contact us for a quote and on agreement we will provide a contract.

Clinical diagnostics:

Institutional Billing:   We can directly bill a referring institution if an institutional account has been established. This allows the referring physician to submit samples without having to first obtain a purchase order. This works very well for hospitals/institutions with clinical laboratories and those that have a Send-Out or Referral Testing department.

Establishment of an institutional account is very simple and requires only a phone call to Mahin Azimi at 510-450-7688.

International Patients:   Samples from outside the United States must be accompanied by full payment at the time of sample submission. This can be accomplished by wire transfer, check, or credit card.

Commercial Insurance: We do not bill commercial insurance directly.


All research studies are unique. We will assist you to design the most costeffective way to conduct your research. Please contact us

A typical pricelist of assays for a study at the RBC lab before discounts is given below