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Assay development

In addition to the current routine measurements, we provide assays that are not on the list but have been established in the laboratory for specific clinical and translational studies.

One such recent example is shown as reported at the ASH meeting in December 2010 in Orlando Florida.

To support a translational study in sickle cell patients to evaluate the efficacy of a new compound to blunt the interaction between blood cells and endothelial cells, we developed in 2010 a panel of new assays. One of them measured the interaction between monocytes and platelets. The figure indicates the results of this assay performed with samples collected from patients one and 24 hours after receiving a dose of this compound. The results indicate that interaction between platelets and macrophages was reduced due to the presence of the compound. When the level of the compound decreased in the circulation, the double positive events increased again

21Flowcytometric evaluation of platelet-monocyte interaction. In this two-color assay, both markers for platelets (CD41A) and monocytes (CD 11C) were used. The left figure shows the results one hour after injection, the right figure 24 hours after receiving the compound. In the top right quadrant events are indicated that are positive for both monocyte and platelet markers.

(ASH meeting December 2010 Abstract #34174:Effects of Selectin Antagonist GMI-1070 on the Activation State of Leukocytes In Sickle Cell Patients Not In Crisis. Scott I Simon, Shannon Chase, Sandra K Larkin, Frans Kuypers, Lori Styles, Ted Wun, Helen Thackray, and John L Magnani).

On request we can develop new assays required for your study.

Please contact us.