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Database development

Protocols for patient recruitment, as well as sample collection, storage, and shipment rely on the use of a web-based database. This allows notification of shipment and  tracking of samples during each step in the process. 

Similarly, the entry of clinical data, and the results of laboratory tests  into a well designed database is essential to be able to “connect the dots” before, during, and at the conclusion of the study.

Our team has extensive experience with the design of databases for multicenter translational studies in the hemoglobinopathies.
Each study needs a unique database based on a database structure that is similar for all translational studies.

The red blood cell laboratory provides support for database design and management. We can support data entry and maintenance of the database. A web base database enables the study PI to monitor the progress of the study during patient recruitment, shipping, storage and testing of samples. The database will also allow continuous monitoring and feedback to the study coordinators and will indicate the need for corrective action if needed.

Our laboratory has been involved in a large  number of translational studies, new studies can build on the this, and we can provide the services needed.

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