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Data Evaluation and study monitoring

The quality of a research study pivots around the quality of the data.

This starts with the design of the protocols for patient recruitment, protcols for sample collection, the storage and shipment of the samples, protocols for the collection of the clinical data, and the laboratory  protocols.
A careful planning of all these steps is very important and our team can support these efforts based on a long experience in the design and execution of clinical and translational studies in the hemoglobinopathies.

During the study, when data is collected, quality control is essential and if needed corrective action needs to be taken.  This can relate to the collection of patient data, quality of sample collection, sample labeling, storage, shipping, database entry etc.

A continuous monitoring and feedback to the study coordinators is essential. Our laboratory has been involved in a large  number of translational studies, new studies can build on the this, and we can provide the services needed.

Finally at the end of the study, data needs to be extracted from the database and presented in a way that allows evaluation and statistical analysis.  Tables and graphs need to be prepared and method sections need to be written to report the data.

In all these phases the red blood cell laboratory can be your partner.

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