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Human Tissue Factor (TF) ELISA

TF is a membrane-bound glycoprotein predominantly found in lung, brain, placenta, and some tumors. It serves as both the receptor and essential cofactor for factors VII and VIIa in initiating cell surface procoagulant activity, leading ultimately to thrombin generation and fibrin formation. TF thus has a critical role in hemostasis and thrombogenesis.

The TF ELISA is an enzyme-linked immunoassay allowing for the quantitative determination of human TF concentration in fresh or frozen cell lysates, citrated plasma, tumor tissue extracts, or cell culture supernatants. This ELISA recognizes TF-apo, TF, and TF-VII complexes and there is no interference from other coagulation factors or inhibitors of procoagulant activity. This ELISA is for research use only and is not for diagnostic or therapeutic uses.

The standard curve spans the range of 50-1000 pg/ml and the minimum detectable level is 10 pg/mL. The normal range of TF concentration in human plasma remains to be established. Low levels of circulating TF are expected in both normal plasma and in most diseased samples.

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